Learn How to Create an Activity

Android Studio makes it very easy to create an activity. All you need do is right-click on the package where you want to add the activity; in this case, the package is com.raywenderlich.todolist). Then navigate to New\Activity, and the choose Empty Activity, which is a basic template for an activity.On the next screen, you enter the Activity Name and Android Studio will automatically fill the other fields based on that. Enter the activity name as TaskDescriptionActivity Click Finish and put your hands in the air to celebrate. You’ve just created your first activity!

Create a New Activity

In Android Studio select the package in which you want to add an Activity Class.Then go to File -> New -> Activity -> Empty Activity . This can also be achived by right clicking on desired package.

Noe you have to specify the Activity Name and the xml Layout Name and the Package name in the appropriate text fields and then click Finish.

A Blanck Activity will be created with a Layout File.

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